BlackBerry: Action Starts Here, Certainly!

At times when BlackBerry is not performing well and the sales have already dropped 43% in last quarter, the mobile phone brand has recently launched a new advertising commercial giving the red asterisk notification symbol (*) a tagline “Action Starts Here”.

But, wait! Something is wrong with this communication.

If you are aware, the word “Action” has a sexual meaning. According to urban dictionary action means “to have sex” or “sexual stimulation”. See the banner ad at the definition page. Clearly a failure by the media planning guy.

Urban Dictionary Meaning of Action


I am no one to question one’s morality but if you dig deeper, BlackBerry is notorious for exchanging BBM Pin for flirting, sexting and research done is past shows that Blackberry users are more prone to get involved into adultery and cheating.  There are various forums, facebook groups and mobile apps where you can exchange your BBM PIN  with random strangers for sexual chatting, flirting with a mindset “whatever I can get”. Even Google suggests the same.

Google suggests BlackBerry Action Starts Here


I found that BlackBerry used a similar tactic earlier with an ad near a school in Latin America showing an almost naked model with the message “B Sexy”. Seemingly promoting sexting.

Well, BlackBerry never mind to this post. Every action has an equal and opposite reaction!

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